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The easiest way
to predictably grow
your recruiting business

Scoutbound uses artificial intelligence and automation to find new clients and reach your growth goals.


We do the hard work for you

Here’s how Scoutbound uses artificial intelligence, automation, and a human touch to drive your revenue and profitability goals.


First, we find new business opportunities

Scoutbound's artificial intelligence monitors the internet for growth signals that are most relevant to your business.


Tell us your focus

Get started with Scoutbound by sending us your target markets, ideal clients and the roles you typically fill. Our customer success team does the setup for you.


Monitor hiring signals

Scoutbound monitors real-time signals across job boards, company career sites, news sites and press releases for signals of specific hiring needs.


Find opportunities

Scoutbound's artificial intelligence continuously applies your criteria to millions of hiring signals to identify the most relevant placement opportunities for you.

Next, we identify the decision makers

Scoutbound determines the most relevant hiring manager for each placement opportunity.



Identify hiring managers

Scoutbound's artificial intelligence identifies hiring managers using a predictive model trained on over 100M data points.


Get contact info

We leverage our database of millions of hiring managers to source their current contact information.


Add to prospect list

We add the hiring managers to a segmented prospect list for targeted outreach.


Last but not least, we start the conversation

Scoutbound's automation sends email introductions, schedules follow-ups and assists with LinkedIn outreach.


Personalized introductions

Scoutbound uses your email templates to automatically send introductory emails through your existing email account, letting you see and review every email sent.


Scheduled follow-ups

Scoutbound sends a series of personalized follows-ups to hiring managers based on your outreach preferences, letting you control how much and how often.


Continuous warm leads

Responses from hiring managers arrive in your existing email inbox and pause the automation to allow you to continue the conversation.

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  • Increase new business outreach by 10x with precision accuracy

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Seamlessly integrate LinkedIn into your Scoutbound campaign

Our Chrome Extension allows you to connect LinkedIn outreach with your email campaigns

scoutbound chrome extension
  • Scoutbound's Chrome Extension recommends who to send connection requests and inMails to from within LinkedIn.

  • Scoutbound lets you add hiring managers to your campaigns right from a LinkedIn profile.