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Client Alerts

Stay connected
to your clients
without the hassle

Scoutbound Alerts will monitor your client's online presence and automatically notify you when new opportunities present themself.


Scoutbound keeps your clients happy

Here's how Scoutbound uses its powerful A.I. and automation to keep you in the loop with your clients and their hiring needs.


Tell us your clients

Get started with Scoutbound Alerts by sending us your list of clients. Our customer success team does the setup for you.


Monitor hiring signals

Scoutbound monitors real-time signals across job boards and company career sites, searching for new job postings from your clients.


Receive alerts

Scoutbound notifies you when new jobs have been posted, allowing you to follow up with your clients and fill the roles they need.

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  • Eliminate tedious business development work and save time
  • Reach the right hiring managers at the right time
  • Increase new business outreach by 10x with precision accuracy

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Seamlessly integrate LinkedIn into your Scoutbound campaign

Our Chrome Extension allows you to connect LinkedIn outreach with your email campaigns

scoutbound chrome extension
  • Scoutbound's Chrome Extension recommends who to send connection requests and inMails to from within LinkedIn.

  • Scoutbound lets you add hiring managers to your campaigns right from a LinkedIn profile.