We help you grow your
recruiting business

Scoutbound saves you time and land more clients by combining personalized lead generation with powerful automation. No technical expertise required.

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We automate the most important driver of growth for your recruiting business

Scoutbound uses artificial intelligence and automation to eliminate 80% of the effort you spend finding new business while increasing leads by 5-10x. Whether it's searching for new job postings or finding hiring managers and contact information, Scoutbound does the busy work while you spend more time servicing new clients.


“Every manual step that can be streamlined or eliminated represents a direct cost savings.”

- Matt Fischer, President and Chief Technology Officer, Bullhorn

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We give you an unfair advantage

Here's what Scoutbound can do for you

  • Reduce your effort

    Reduce your effort

    Scoutbound saves you valuable time by automating the process of finding new opportunities, contacting hiring managers, and following up.

  • Increase your outreach

    Increase your outreach

    Scoutbound reaches 5-10x more hiring managers compared with manual outreach through automation and artificial intelligence.

  • Optimize your approach

    Optimize your approach

    Scoutbound tests different messages and monitors response rates to fine tune your approach and ensure the highest number of responses possible.

We make growth easy and predictable

Here’s how Scoutbound uses automation and artificial intelligence to help you grow.

We monitor hiring signals

Scoutbound monitors new job postings, startup funding events and other signals of hiring activity to find new placement opportunities.

We match your criteria

Scoutbound’s artificial intelligence engine identifies the hiring managers that match your criteria and locates their contact information.

We message your prospects

Scoutbound then send personalized email outreach from your email account automatically. Replies come back directly to your inbox.

Other Scoutbound Services

Personalized One-Time Campaigns: Reach a set amount of contacts based on a specific role or industry.

Client Alerts: Stay connected to your clients with email alerts whenever they post a new opening. Learn more.


We help small companies with big ambitions

Scoutbound helps small to mid-sized recruiting firms compete more effectively against the market leaders.

Who are you?

Scoutbound primarily serves temporary / contract and permanent placement firms who employ fewer than 25 recruiters and generate less than $25 million in revenue.

who we are

What are your goals?

Scoutbound partners with clients who want to increase top-line revenue & profitability, boost efficiency through automation, or find new clients / markets / verticals.

case study

“Within three weeks of starting the program, I already have two new clients and five placement opportunities!”

- Sara, Los Angeles, CA

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  • Eliminate tedious business development work and save time
  • Reach the right hiring managers at the right time
  • Increase new business outreach by 10x with precision accuracy

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